SUPERillu Onlineshop


SUPERillu Onlineshop

SUPERillu is a German weekly family magazine of Hubert Burda Media, which is the most widely read consumer magazine in the eastern part of Germany

It has a wide range between Counsellor, entertainment, political and economic stories. The past of the GDR and the development of German unity plays an important role. The magazine has a unique understanding of itself as an instance in integration and life coaching in the convergence of East and West . It sees itself as a compass and a source of motivation that not only entertains her readers but makes them courage to tackle the future.

For our partner ACDM we created a fast and successfull solution based on Emere for the SUPERillu eCommerce Solution.To give SUPERillu customers a uniqe product upfront ACDM developed togehter with BeBuG (Books) and TELAMO (Music) some exclusive merchandising to promote the SUPERillu Store Online and Print.


  • Elastic Search


  • Customized EMERE Shop Solution
  • Phononet API


  • SEM Strategy and Operation
  • Google AdWords
  • Retargeting


  • Fulfilment with Mailbox
  • ERP BitBox
  • PIM as Product Database