Astro TV

AstroTV is the first and only German channel to provide life counseling. The program consists of a variety of shopping programs, daily live consultations with experts who offer professional life advice, and the popular lifestyle program “Leichter Leben – Zeit für mich” – a magazine for a conscious and balanced life.

AstroTV was founded in 2004 in Berlin, where the studios are still located; now directly at the headquarters of adviqo GmbH, to which AstroTV belongs.

Vaia Beauty

The name Vaia comes from an ancient Buddhist story of eternal beauty and courage in the face of life’s challenges. Vaia Beauty is a new brand for modern women. Vaia Beauty believes that you are the best and look fabulous every day. But to feel our best, we also need to stay true to our values. Therefore, the products are made from guaranteed vegan ingredients of exceptional quality.

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Bibel TV Online Mediathek

Bibel TV wants to support people in the digital world on their journey towards the Christian God. They are a distributor to bring Christian video content via digital media or distribution channels to as many users as possible.

In this context, Artcom venture developed the new online media library for the Bibel TV VOD stock, an attractive online video offer that provides a high user experience. The current project focuses on the improvement of user experience by optimizing existing features and introducing new ones.

Otto Now

As one of the largest German retailers, the Otto Group has numerous information systems, interfaces, and various coordination instances. This meant that we had to consider the exceptionally high demands on data protection and information security and the correspondingly high communication effort.

The MVP got off to a successful start and demonstrated that the business model meets demand. Due to the good response, the MVP transition to a standalone scalable solution had to be successful during the six-month MVP phase. The project was to enter the set-up phase without downtime in ongoing rental processes and invisible to the end customer.