Mantegna und Bellini

Mantegna & Bellini

For the exhibition Mantegna and Bellini we have developed a format with the curators that break new ground in exhibition communication and knowledge transfer.

From the very beginning, we had the goal of not only designing a website for the exhibition, but also to create an independent experience. The site combines important service information, such as ticket sales or transport connections, with lively storytelling – entertaining, entertaining, vivid, informative and interactive. Through strong visuals, exciting online games and surprising gimmicks, users are literally immersed in the fascinating world of the Renaissance.

The website has contributed significantly to one of the greatest public successes of a special exhibition of the National Museums in Berlin at the Kulturforum. The interactive modules, in particular, were used extensively in the area of education and mediation and thus made a significant contribution to cultural mediation.

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