Nestled in a mountain valley in the far north of Thailand, Chiang Mai is the home of IATITAI. The plants’ healing power with their powerful ingredients gave us the idea for this care line, deeply inspired by thousand-year-old traditional healing methods in Asia.

Schlager für Alle

On Schlager für alle, viewers can find popular contemporary music videos, the latest live performances, and festivals. The program includes top stars such as Thomas Anders, Giovanni Zarella, Andrea Berg, Eloy de Jong, Beatrice Egli, Florian Silbereisen, Ross Antony, Daniela Alfinito, Maite Kelly, Matthias Reim and many more!


Donald Runnicles

Donald Runnicles is the General Music Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and Music Director of the Grand Teton Music Festival (Jackson, Wyoming), and Principal Guest Conductor of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. He is also the Conductor Emeritus of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, having served as its Chief Conductor from 2009-2016.

Mantegna und Bellini

Mantegna & Bellini

For the exhibition Mantegna and Bellini we have developed a format with the curators that break new ground in exhibition communication and knowledge transfer.

From the very beginning, we had the goal of not only designing a website for the exhibition, but also to create an independent experience. The site combines important service information, such as ticket sales or transport connections, with lively storytelling – entertaining, entertaining, vivid, informative and interactive. Through strong visuals, exciting online games and surprising gimmicks, users are literally immersed in the fascinating world of the Renaissance.

The website has contributed significantly to one of the greatest public successes of a special exhibition of the National Museums in Berlin at the Kulturforum. The interactive modules, in particular, were used extensively in the area of education and mediation and thus made a significant contribution to cultural mediation.

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Alpen Media

Alpen Media bietet Unterstützung in den Bereichen Medien, Direktmarketing, Produktwerbung und IT-Weiterentwicklung in enger Absprache mit den Kund*innen. Wir haben Alpen Media bei der technischen Entwicklung seiner Website unterstützt.



The success story of the Calimeros begins in 1976. Over four decades later, the Calimeros still land one hit after the other – and have long since advanced to become the most successful and long-lasting hit formation in Switzerland. Calimeros achieved sensational success with the album “Sommersehnsucht”: for the first time in their career, they stormed to number 1 in the charts in Switzerland and also conquered the top 5 in Germany and Austria.


enable2grow is a well-established network of entrepreneurs and experts who have succeeded in the digital business. The agency provides consultants for companies looking to grow their digital business into a thriving, promising organization.

For enable2grow, we created a corporate website with the design by SMITH. 


Bild und Heimat Publisher

The publishing house Bild und Heimat, founded in 1951 in Reichenbach in the Vogtland region is known far beyond the borders of Saxony as a traditional company in eastern Germany.
Picture postcards and calendars defined the publishing profile from the beginning, and for a few years, the publishing house has also published books under the BILD-UND-HEIMAT label.


Since its founding in 2012, the name TELAMO is connected with passionate and forward-thinking marketing ways in German folk music. As a Munich company, they have succeeded in winning numerous top stars for their market approach.

In addition to working with established artists, they are also concerned about youth development and the sustainable development of new artists.

The screen design was created by SMITH a renowned design agency based in Berlin and Vienna. As Content Management System, we chose WordPress, which is easily customized and comfortable to use by the content managers of TELAMO.

CCA Young Lions

For our Partner Smith in Berlin and Riebenbauer in Austria, we developed the competition website for the CCA Young Lions 2016. Both agencies were part of the juries.